Smooth the skin

What is it?

Bloomea is the new generation of micro-dermabrasion ‘macro-exfoliation’.

How does it work?

The Bloomea treatment is used to smooth the skin and unifies the complexion, colour and surface.

The Bloomea treatment is performed using three techniques. Macro-Exfoliation which is programmed and controlled peeling, followed by high-frequency micro-vibrations massage that nourish the skin superficially, this stimulates collagen and elastin and finally LED Therapy is applied to the skin, to heel and regenerate the skin.

Bloomea treats skin structure, colour, surface and stimulates fibroblasts.

What can Bloomea treat?


Fine lines and wrinkles
skin texture
Skin sagging
Acne scars


Stretch marks
Neck wrinkles
Fine lines
Neck spots

Frequently asked questions

1. How often can I have a Blooméa treatment?

Blooméa can be performed every 2-4 weeks depends on skin type and the area being treated.

2. Will I see results instantly?

Instantly the skin will look brighter and a even skin tone restored, over time with a course of Blooméa treatments the skin will continue to improve.

3. Can I have this treatment if I have sensitive skin?

All skin types, all ages and all skin ethnicity’s can be treatments. Blooméa has different settings allowing all skin types to be treated.

Are you interested in Bloomea?

Disclaimer: Actual results may vary on an individual