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Laser hair removal

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Anti ageing injections

Botox® is a brand name for the naturally occurring protein derived from the plant bacterium called botulinum toxin type A.


Body HIFU is the latest non-invasive technology to target specific focused areas of fat in the fastest possible treatment time.


A safe and effect treatment for pigmentation, stretch marks, fine lines and deep wrinkles.


A non-invasive treatment which is applied to the surface of the skin.

Skulpt Clinic

Skulpt is a private non-surgical Aesthetic clinic within the grounds of Warford Hall in the heart of Cheshire.

Proud to be the only clinic in the UK to introduce The Cool Laser, a Laser that up until now has only been available in the States. A favourite of LA ‘A-listers’ including Kim Kardashian, we are delighted that Skulpt has brought the very best in Laser technology here to the UK.

A hub of aesthetic expertise, Skulpt offers a range of facial rejuvenation and body contouring procedures utilising the latest cutting-edge technology for non-surgical treatments which push boundaries and create unrivalled face and body results. The concept of Founder Dawn Ward, Skulpt aims to provide clients with the most luxury clinical experience thanks to its beautiful setting, personalised service, and expert team.

Let Skulpt take you on a journey to improve your cosmetic appearance for aesthetic conditions through effective medical procedures. These conditions provide solutions to scarring, skin laxity, wrinkles, moles, acne, excess fat, unwanted hair, skin pigmentation, thread veins and dark tired eyes. Not to forget our very latest feminine Vaginal tightening treatment increasingly known as “Minky tightening”


Line & Wrinkle Smoothing

1 Area- £175
2 Areas- £235
3 Areas- £275
4 Areas- £375
Jawline- £525

Dermal Filler Treatments

Price per 1ml

Juvederm Hydrate-£250
Juvederm Smile-£250

Juvederm 2-£250
Juvederm 3-£320
Juvederm 4-£350
Juvederm Volift-£375
Juvederm Vobella-£375
Juvederm Voluma-£375
Chin Enhancement-£600
Non Surgical Rhinoplasty-£650
Tear Trough-£650
Hand Fillers-£700

Bespoke Packages

Non Surgical Lower Facelift from £500
Mini Lift from £650
Perioral Sculpting from £899
Kylie-Jenner Look from £1,100
No Knife Facelift  from £1,250

Opera LED  Mask (x1) £105 (x3) £250 (x6) £495


Bloomea Dermal Remodelling Radiance treatment-£150

Bloomea Dermal Remodelling Lines, Wrinkles & Pigmentation Treatment (x1) £150 (x10) £1,250

Bloomea Dermal Remodelling, Stretch Mark Treatment, Buttocks, Breast, Stomach, Hips & Thighs (x1) £250 (x10) £1995

Bloomea Dermal Remodelling, Scaring Treatment. Bespoke Personal Treatment Plans Upon Consultation



Skin Peels
Obagi Blue Radiance Peel (x1) £120 (x3) £330 (x6) £620
Zo Red Carpet Peel (x1) £100 (x3) £270 (x6) £500
AlumierMD Enzymatic Peel (x1) £80 (x3) £220 (x6) £420
Zo Red Carpet Peel & Opera Mask (x1) £175 (x3) £400 (x6) £750


Facial Laser Treatment
Full Face (x1) £250 (x6) £1,250

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light Therapy)

Acne, Pigmentation, Thread Veins, Freckles
Cheeks (x1) £150 (x6) £790
Half Face (x1) £200 (x6) £1,050
Full Face  (x1) £250 (x6) £1,300


Skin Resurfacing
Full Face  (x1) £375 (x6) £950


Tightening & Lifting
Ultraformer III Hifu
Full Face & Neck – £1,695
Neck, Chin & Jowl – £950

Cool Laser
Full Face (Skin Resurfacing, Acne, Acne Scaring, Pigmentation –
(x1) £700 (x3) £1,800 (x6) £3,800
Half Face –  (x1) £500 (x3) £1,300 (x6) £2,500
Cheeks –  (x1) £450 (x3) £1,250 (x6) £2,200
Stretch Mark Removal


Dermaplaning Treatment – (x1) £95 (x3) £260 (x6) £500
Dermaplaning Treatment & Opera Mask –  (x1) £150 (x3) £410 (x6) £750

Hair Removal- Female (per area) 8 Sessions

Upper lip-£400


Upper Lip & Chin-£650


Linea Nigra-£650

Standard Bikini-£500



Full Bikini-£800

Upper Arm-£800

Lower Arm-£800

Full Arm-£1100

Half leg-£1100


Full Leg-£1800

Back & Shoulders -£1800

Hair Removal- Male (per area) 8 Sessions




Upper Arms-£1000

Lower Arms-£1000

Half Leg-£1000


Full Arm-£1500


Full Leg-£2000

Back & Shoulders-£2400

Semi Permanent Eyebrows £375
Semi Permanent Lips £400
Semi Permanent Eyeliner £300
Semi Permanent Post Treatment Top-up £50


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Skin Care Clinic-Best skin rejuvenation and dermal resurfacing treatments in the UK

  • The first UK cosmetic medical spa to provide Hollywood Cool laser treatments, favoured by Kim Kardashian.

  • Cosmetic treatment – Rumoured as the top non-invasive cosmetic centre in the UK.

  • Non-surgical – Our non-invasive procedures are carried out by professionally trained aestheticians.

  • Rhinoplasty – Thinking of having a nose job to rectify an uneven nose shape or bump? Would you like it corrected without undergoing invasive surgery? Find out if we have a non-surgical solution. Call for consultation.

  • Acne treatment – Cool Laser effectively resurfaces the skin to treat issues such as scarring, acne scars, pitting and uneven skin texture. It also treats active acne, rosacea.

  • Botox injections – Best medical grade injectables are used and carried out by qualified doctors.

  • Facelift – Non-surgical Facelift procedure.

  • Coolsculpting – Cryolipolysis, AKA Fat Freeze is a non-surgical way to reduce fat with no downtime.

Laser Hair Removal Service

  • Laser Hair Removal – Best laser hair removal with ultrasound.

  • Cool Laser – First official Cool Laser clinic in the UK.

  • IPL Laser – Best Thread vein removal and hair reduction.

Hair Removal Sevice

  • Hair Removal – We offer hair removal treatments on the following areas:

  • Brazilian

  • Underarm

  • Legs

  • For men

  • Back

  • Facial

  • Permanent

  • Full body

  • Chest

Facial Spa

  • Breaks – Take a one night break on the Grounds of  Warford hall and enjoy a spa treatment at Skulpt clinic.

  • Luxury – Luxury break medical spa packages available.

  • Getaways – Top 5 star Luxurious designed rooms for your bespoke getaway.

  • Packages – One night stay and Medical spa treatment packages starting from £1250. Call for details.

  • Medical – Top quality medical grade, cutting-edge equipment will be used for your overnight stay Medispa treatment.

  • One night facial spa breaks – Luxury skin rejuvenation is included in our one-night facial medispa deals.

Plastic Surgery Clinic

  • Plastic Surgery – Is Skulpt a plastic surgery clinic? No. Skulpt medispa offers an alternative to going under the knife with various Noninvasive surgery procedures:

  • Nose Job – Best non-surgical Rhinoplasty alternative in the Cheshire area.

  • Medical – Non-invasive liposuction alternative with medical grade, cutting-edge equipment.

  • Best Lunchtime Facelift

Medical Spa

  • MediSpa – Our Cheshire medical spa serves Wilmslow, Warrington, Crewe, Knutsford and the surrounding areas.

  • Dermal fillers – Anti-ageing injections are made to fine lines, sunken areas and wrinkles to create more shape and volume to the cheeks and lips.

  • Cosmetic services – For a full range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures see our prices table

  • Botox – Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, as well as relax muscles with anti ageing treatments.

  • Botox injections – Our Cheshire medispa offers Botox injectables of the highest medical grade.

  • Offers – Affordable Botox with 0% finance available subject to acceptance.

  • Prices – Prices – Skulpt offers competitive pricing. Only the best quality Botox injectables are used by highly experienced medical doctors who perform the procedure.

  • Doctors – Best medically trained doctors are only allowed to administer Injections at Skulpt Clinic.